Recycling and reuse

oooooooo reuse of materials is a behavior that everyone must take as posture on a daily basis. we know that our household produced a negligible amount of waste to our eyes, but along with all the garbage produced by a community has a significant value in the pollution of our ecosystem. Let's see if each day we produce on average 5 kg of garbage consider a house with 4 people now think of the world production end of the calculation is not scary? But now I thought that kind of waste material that you can reuse? Think of the ball home when they faded, a CD that does not touch it or when a recording was unusable, the foam that comes in packages of appliances in the role that cuts to take mold then goes to waste in newspaper after reading that turns trash in plastic bottles refrigenrante in bags from the supermarket. E ae thought? If you do not know what to do with it you can just try to separate plastic, paper, glass and organic material that is already a good way, if you know how to use it to do something new that's very much because for every 50 pounds of paper turned into new paper prevents a tree is cut. Think of the amount of paper that you've played out today and imagine how many trees you could have helped to preserve.
Each 50 pounds of recycled aluminum used and prevents any soil taken from about 5,000 pounds of ore, bauxite. How many cans of soda you've played out so far? Also know that an aluminum can takes 80 to 100 years to decompose. With a pound of broken glass is made exactly one pound of new glass. And the great advantage of glass is that it can be recycled ad infinitum. In contrast, when it is recycled, the glass can take 1 million years to decompose.
Recycling promotes the cleaning of the city, as the resident who acquired the habit of separating the garbage hardly play it on public roads.
Recycling generates income by marketing the material to be recycled. Recycling provides an opportunity for citizens to preserve the nature of a concrete form. Thus, people feel more responsible for the waste they generate.
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